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Coaching and Consulting in Multan, Islamabad and Lahore

Anger, Upsets, Frustration,Depression
Grief, Loss, Sadness, Change
Career Counselling 
Bad Habits, OCD
Living Your Purpose
Connection Parenting
Self Identity – Surviving the Oppressive Over Culture

Sannan Khan Services in Pakistan (Islamabad, Lahore, Multan)

a little more about Sannan

Sannan Khan’s journey is to help people understand themselves better, find there purpose, provide them tools to solve there issues and make this world a better place to live.

There are vast number of issues that we get stuck into which as a result ruin our daily lives, emotions, relations, health & peace of mind. Hence we limit our freedom and joy of life to those problems. Leading by his powerful & success-oriented coaching style, Sannan’s agenda is to help you overcome those easily and quickly so that you can get back to start living your life.

Coming from the background of Engineering and working his way through to a Business Unit Manager with world’s renowned & multi cultured organisations, Sannan is now working on his dream to help people and contribute to the society.

Life Coaching

Life Coach VS Counsellor

  • Coaching is about Growth, Focus on Future, Focus on Solutions, Works towards outcomes & ask questions “How we can change?”


  • Counselling is about recovery, focus on past, focus on problem, works towards emotions & ask question “Why should we change?”


  • Frustration, Grief, Loss, Stress, Anxiety, Depression…

  • Bad memory like divorce, domestic issues, neglect…

  • Bad Habits like nail biting, washing hands, weight loss, OCD…

  • Fear from Heights, Elevators, public speaking…

  • Helping in Self Actualisation, setting goals & achieving them.


    • 1 on 1 coaching

    • Corporate Training

    • Group Coaching

    • Consultant

    • Accelerated Learning

    • Career Counselling

    • Motivational Speaker